Words from athletes I've been fortunate to work with. 

I have been working with Rob for a while now. He has brought structure and focus to my training which in turn has helped me to progress with my cycling and allowed me to keep improving month on month and season on season. He is always happy to help with general questions and has a great depth of knowledge and insight into all things training related (recovery, nutrition, general health). All these factors combine to make sure you have the right tools and information to get the most out of your hard work on the bike. If you want a tailored, no BS, coach or training plan Rob is the way to go.

Lindsay McCrae - 2018 & 2019 Revolve 24 Hour Solo Winner, Multiple bikepacking ultra race top 3 finisher

For me Cycling is a passion and is very important preparation for driving, but it is also a way of living ...because my idea is that in Life nothing is exactly like you want but you need to move on in the best way and react at the circumstances.

In Racing is very similar - you need to be fit to drive at 300km/h and keeping fit during hot days in the car and fighting with all the competition. In the racing car sometimes we have 50-60 degree C and you need to drive on the limits and try to keep the focus all the way for the long races.

When you driving for example the 24h of Le Mans, at the end of the racing you loose 3-4kg and if you are not fit you struggling to even be walking.

The best way for the driving is MTB training because includes all this muscle that you use when you drive and at the same time you need to be focused to not crash when you ride on the trails.

Racing Drivers travel  a lot for Racing but also for extra things outside of Racing...and to keep fit is not easy game...I am very demanding  athlete I want always to improve and be fit and strong but sometimes I am loosing the way and sometime I met the “famous dark hole..” because overtraining ... or not training enough when I should ...

Thanks to Rob I start to understand my body and my way to improvements, I feel Rob always next to me when I share some information or feelings and he is always ready to change something for me and help me to reach the Goal during my driving but also during cycling races.

Gianmaria Bruni - Porsche works driver 3x Le Mans 24h GT Pro winner, FIA GT2 Champion, ILMC Champion, 2x FIA WEC Champion

Rob is an excellent coach with deep knowledge and experience in endurance cycling, bike fitting and aerodynamics. His coaching helped me win the World 24 hour TT championships in 2017, train for a record attempt the length of the UK, and finish in the top 10 (and first female finisher) at BikingMan Oman in 2019. More important than race results, Rob has cemented an understanding that consistency is key and helped me become a more disciplined rider. Although the training is first and foremost aimed at getting me physically ready for my goals, the mental element is always given due attention too, something that is especially important for the longer distances. Rob understands the challenges of combining big cycling goals with a demanding career and/or family life and is very quick in providing feedback and adapting training sessions where needed. What I appreciate most about Rob is that he always makes me question why I do what I do.

Jasmijn Muller - Ultra Cyclist, 2017 World 24 Hour TT Champion, multiple bikepacking ultra race top female finisher

Rob is a first class guy and coach. I have been using Rob for a couple of years now and during this time my goals have changed and Rob has been able to change with me to make sure I continue to improve and keep motivated. Rob brings out the best in me and understands my needs and goals. He is fantastic at adapting my training when ‘life’ gets in the way- which it does often.

Cat Archer - Silver Medal (V50-59) 24 Hour World Time Trial Championships 2017, Ultra Cyclist

Rob's custom training plans are excellent. They are based around periodisation and progressively increase. With a mixture of different types of exercises. Thanks to Rob I was able to increase my FTP by 15% this year and realise my goals. He is very approachable, and always there for me, with excellent advice and encouragement.

John Wrieden - TT Racer

Rob has been helping me since 2015, a year in which he saved me from the brink of overtraining, to some of my best late-season results for years. Since then he has helped me to achieve my goals both on the MTB, and on the CX bike. I have managed to reach the podium in almost every major championship that I have competed in since 2015, and won several overall series in both Sweden and Denmark in my age category

Warren Bates - XCO Mountain Bike and Cyclocross Racer

I can wholeheartedly recommend Rob Lee as a coach; working with him will be the best "upgrade" you can invest in your training and racing. Having trained on my own for 15+ years, for triathlon, road and mountain biking, I must admit I was skeptical of coaching, as I seemed to have read a lot of contradictory recommendations. I might even have been considered "uncoachable". Having registered for two mountain bike stage races this summer, the Transalp and Mongolia Bike Challenge, I was keen to train "hard", but I over-trained and got "walking" pneumonia, at which point I realised I needed to enlist the help of a professional. I needed to have complete confidence and trust in my coach, so I looked for someone with proven success as a racer as as well as coach, so when I read about Rob's ultra endurance palmares, including a 24 hour mountain bike master's world championships, I knew that this was someone who know what they were talking about. Thankfully Rob took me on, and although I resisted some of his advice at the beginning, Rob used data to help me understand what I needed to do differently in order to achieve better results. After just a few months of coaching, this summer I had my best racing results yet: 3rd place in solo-masters categories at both the 2019 TransAlp and Mongolia Bike Challenge. I am excited at what I can achieve next year, with Rob's help, and more motivated than ever to train and race.

John Martyn - Endurance Cyclist

I was a 20 year cyclist when I started working with Rob. I was quite clueless about training and rode absent any focus or structure. I believed that as long as I worked hard, I'd get the best results that I possibly could. I'd developed my athletic potential as well as I could on my own. During the past 18 months I have experienced a significant improvement in my abilities. The insightful and timely guidance Rob has shared have helped me develop and sharpen my race-craft. The goal focused training has helped me achieve more than I thought possible. With my improved strength and endurance, I now enjoy mountain biking more than I ever have. It is not an understatement to say that working with Rob is one of the best investments I've ever made in myself. I'm very excited to see what comes next.

Jimmy Parman - Ultra Endurance MTB Racer